Breathtaking moments

I tell the story to people about how breathtaking it is that my son Daenan with Down syndrome does what he sets his mind to. This can create beautiful moments.

The first day that Daenan went to a regular school he saw all kinds of music instruments on a table at the front of the classroom. Daenan was in awe and started to touch and play on the instruments. The whole class was filled with classmates and they bursted in laughter. Most probably because they would not dare, because what will the teacher think of this behaviour and to do something before you ask if this would be allowed.

What does this moment learn to us? That it’s okay to follow your first instinct and to do exactly what you set your mind to without being afraid of being punished.

What does this moment tell you?
What would you have done if you saw a table full of shining music instruments. Wouldn’t you want to take your breath away by the astonishing musical notes and rhythm and especially for the start of a day?

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