I wrote a blog once about changing the way of beauty and that Daenan’s superpower is his extra chromosome.

I was thinking about compassion today …

Compassionate people. It’s a power to be kind
And vulnerable. To take the time
To say words or without saying, and ensure that the other person feels heard

Don’t be blind and read between the lines. Accept as well that you can start over each day. You cannot always be that ray of sunshine.

Our children teach us how to be compassionate. How to stay close to ourself. How to learn as a young bird to spread wings and fly without fear of falling down and get hurt and feel pain.

Kids show us how to get really mad, turn our heads and that you are facing a back. We let them unwind and try to speak words of kindness with the right tone of voice.

Compassion. Also for yourself. Take that notebook of the shelves and write about what this means for you?

Mama & Daenan

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