Down & Beautiful Poem ‘Layers’

Celebrating your life on 30 March – Celebrating 9 years of being your mum

Wishing you the biggest slice of happy today

The weather forecast for this week, could be the same as the day that you were born on 30 March 2013.

Layers and layers of white snow covering the roofs, streets an people walking with thick clothes and scarfs.

An icy wind blowing through the streets, and a warm feeling like an open fire dancing in our hearts.

Back then, I was a person of thirty and thought I knew a lot about the world and people

Until I became your mother and a mamma for the first time,

That was proof I still had to learn a lot, and had to uncover layers within myself to get to the core

The lessons you would learn to me, like nourishing food for my soul,

And the ingredients for the soup that we would make over the years,

Reflecting like your shiny blue big baby eyes

You gave me faith that I could bloom like a lotus flower shedding the mud and growing to the light

You gave me joy and taught me how to celebrate each moment

You gave me strength to hold your hand and walk the steps together on our journey through life

You gave me freedom and to take care of you, was to take care of myself as well

You showed me how to use my intuition to find out without words what you really needed

You gave me inspiration to write poetry and short stories and to inspire others

Thank you for your trust,

Thank you for being sincere,

Thank you that you chose me to be your mum

The weather forecast for this week, turned out to be a bit different in comparison to the day that you were born on 30 March 2013.

Layers and layers of white snow are gone not covering the roofs, the sun that is shining in our hearts and on our faces.

The wind may blow through all the corners, cleaning and leaving gold in every crack and give us more wisdom with each step.

Voiced by Mayke Lodewijk

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