The story of the 2nd Prize Winner in 2019

Marissa Erickson won the second prize of the poetry contest of Down & Beautiful and do you know that this beautiful lady happens to have Down syndrome. I am so proud that all the way from America, her words have reached a lot of hearts.

Marissa is a woman in her twenties and part of the John Travolta’s Inclusion Film School in California. She loves the arts, paints, writes and she just crewed in a film. Here is the behind the scenes to look at her time on set. It was pretty exciting.

I personally did not know of this school of inclusion that John Travolta started. This makes me like him even more!!

This is the answer of Mary, Marissa’s mother

Thank you so much for sending the gifts to Marissa! She was so excited to receive them and to have her poem in the contest. She greatly enjoyed sharing her poem and hopes that people like it. 

She wants people to know that she loves to share her poem and that she is living her best life!

Mary and Marissa

That’s one of the goals of the Down & Beautiful poetry contest, to share the many talents of people with Down syndrome and to let others feel that writing and being creative has healing power.

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