Blog no. 3 of Down & Beautiful – Changing the Face of Beauty

What Changing the Face of Beauty means to me

I remember a moment when I was eighteen years old. I saw a man with Down syndrome.
I was looking at him and he showed his tongue. I laughed in myself. Most problably I wasn’t just glancing, but staring.

Pregnant and thirthy one years old I still had the same image in my mind of that man.
But now I was gazing at a book with the most beautiful photo’s of children.
The title is: “The Upside of Down >>> a positive view on Down syndrome.” This photo book with short quotes of parents, certainly changed the face of beauty for me.
Back in the car, I was listening to the song of Christina Aguilera and the words
‘You are beautiful, no matter what they say,’ said all there was to say.

On March 30 in 2013,  I became a mother for the first time of the most gorgeous little baby. A son with pretty blue eyes that reflected the galaxy and have brushfield spots. A boy with hair as soft as velvet. A newborn with Down syndrome. And most of all I felt a love and a connection I never felt before.

It means so much to me that organisations such as Changing the Face of Beauty are here to support the good cause. This nonprofit corporation is commited to equal representation of people with disabilities in advertising and media worldwide.

Down & Beautiful was born on the same moment, my son was brought to life into this world.

Changing the Face of Beauty by writing poetry about everything that touched my heart deeply. Including good looking photo’s of my child.

Changing the Face of Beauty by organising poetry contests to challenge people to write about positive awareness.

Changing the Face of Beauty by posting movies about my son’s development so people can see that he is not that different and an ordinary boy.

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.”
Quote by Plutarch

With love,


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