Blog no. 2 of Down & Beautiful – Mission Statement


Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt,
and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.


Anno 2017, it is still true that people have a certain image of Down syndrome and this is often negatively influenced by the media. I would like to make people realise that a person with this syndrome is just like you and me. They have the same emotions and are very clear, just like you and me.

I write poetry in Dutch and English for positive awareness for Down syndrome.
The goal is like the quote of Leonardo da Vinci says, to let people feel and hear that people with this syndrome, are not that different.

I also post movies about the development of my son. People can see my son in dissimilar situations.
They can see that he is a great little guy that is energetic, sweet, resourceful and with an high emotional intelligence.

I organize poetry contests to reach many more people on this World. To challenge people to write poems about positive awareness for Down syndrome. They can write about love, acceptance, differences, education and inclusion and so on.

I write blogs for positive awareness.

I want to make the world a better place for people with Down syndrome.
I want them to be accepted and included in society.




Down & Beautiful (@a9f357709ecc419)

Meaning of Down & Beautiful 

People with Down syndrome

Are beautiful

Are pure

Are sincere

What you see is real.

What you hear is fair

What you feel is love

What you smell is mundane

What you taste is …

People with Down syndrome are beautiful and make this globe a better place.

Down & Beautiful was born together with my son Daenan. The first thought I had was ‘The society is hard.’ I wanted to do everything to positively change the image of the syndrome with three times chromosome 21.

The lioness woke up in me

The wall around me broke down

I embraced my vulnerability

Everything that touched my heart, I translated into a poem to help others and make them feel

You’re not alone

Everyone belongs with this world

Down & Beautiful

Since 30.03.2013



When someone shares the news with
you that your child has Down syndrome
it can feel like you are
wearing a tight corset
and that you have no air

You might think that life isn’t fair,
until your baby looks to you with
big blue eyes. You hear the gigle
for the first time.
You think this is a baby just like any other.
You begin to feel like a momma bear
and protect your cup.
There is no room for your corset and
you would like to breath the same air
as your lovely baby.

Down syndrome is not a life sentence in jail.
You don’t have to wear a tight corset.
Life dares you to learn new lessons and
to become a better person.
Your heart grows bigger and
you start to care for much more
than your special needs child.


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